The Non-Diet Approach

The non-diet approach for weight management aims to improve biological markers of health and reduce weight cycling. It recognises the scientific evidence that intentional weight loss is inevitably followed weight gain for most people regardless of how the initial weight loss was achieved. Clients are encouraged to accept and embrace their bodies, listen to their internal cues for appetite, treat all foods equally and find intrinsic motivators for nourishment and movement.

The five major concepts of the non-diet approach are:

  • Accepting and Embracing Body Cues
  • Accepting and Embracing All Foods
  • Accepting and Embracing Body Shape
  • Accepting and Embracing Movement
  • Accepting and Embracing Non-Diet Nutrition

The non-diet approach is an evidenced-based alternative to dieting for those with weight concern. It is an evidenced-based approach that has been found to improve physical and psychological health without the health risks associated with dietary restriction and weight cycling.

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