Nutrition for Oral Health

In Australia poor oral health is sometimes referred to as the silent epidemic. Dental decay affects half of Australia's children and 90% of Adults. Poor oral health can also increase the risk of developing a chronic disease and complicate the management of many chronic conditions. Some foods and eating patterns can lead to oral disease while others can protect against oral disease. Including a visit to the dietitian for oral health advice could prevent the development or progression of oral disease.

Your dentist may have provided some basic dietary advice. However, dietitians have a much broader knowledge of nutrition for oral health and food. Dietitians can work with clients (and parents) to put nutritional recommendations into practice by developing strategies tailored to suit individual lifestyles and food preferences.

A referral from your dentist, doctor or health nurse is welcome but not required. Medicare rebates or private health cover may be available, please check with your doctor or insurer.

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