Fussy Eating and Family Meals

Children and Adolescents

Being fussy with food can be a normal part of childhood however persistent or extreme selective can continue into adolescence and adulthood. Selective eating can lead to nutritional deficiencies, constipation and disruptive family meals. Your child will benefit from a dietitian’s assessment if they:

  • Are not growing well (faltered growth or rapid weight gain)
  • Do not eat any foods from one or more of the food groups (Australian Guide to Healthy Eating)
  • Suffer from constipation
  • Eats less than 20 different foods in total
  • Have experienced any dental decay


Although fussy or selective eating is often considered a problem in children and adolescents it can persist into adulthood. Long term selective eating can have significant impact a persona health and social interactions. Seeing a dietitian can improve the quality and variety of your diet.

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